This is our moment for biodiversity. image

This is our moment for biodiversity.

This is our moment to leave no species behind.

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Help Us Leave No Species Behind!

"The only hope for the species still living is a human effort commensurate with the magnitude of the problem." –E.O. Wilson, Half-Earth

Join with E.O. Wilson and thousands of others to advance
the science, education and outreach that will get us to Half-Earth.

It will take tremendous courage to protect the lands and seas necessary to save the majority of life on Earth and even bolder research to also ensure we leave no species behind. We must courageously address the biodiversity crisis in our communities, our classrooms, and our boardrooms to champion a more enduring ethic to care for our planet.

The Half-Earth Project gives us all reason to be optimistic about Earth's future. We have the knowledge and the technology to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. With your support, we'll reach this grand ambition together.

We are “the mind of the biosphere," as E.O. Wilson says. Let us make the most of this opportunity to protect life on Earth.

This is our moment to leave no species behind.

* For gifts of $100 or more, we would like to send you a Half-Earth Project decal as a special thank you.

** We are pleased to recognize donors at $1,000 and above publicly as Half-Earthers and with Half-Earth Project caps. For a limited time, we also are providing a 30% discount code on a Houdini Sportswear item as a special thanks for new donors at the $1,000+ level. Houdini is recognized in the world of outdoor clothing for making some of the most high-quality and sustainable products available today.